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We believe that developers better understand developer’s problems. Seagence is built by developers, for developers.

Our Story

Before starting Seagence, the founding team worked in senior engineering positions for some of the worlds biggest companies. The team saw a common problem: developers having painful time and sleepless nights finding root cause of production defects. Developers needed better tools to solve these problems and Seagence was born.

With the experience of building dozens of major web applications, the team has started building Seagence. After a lot of research and development Seagence made it’s first break through innovation, called ExecutionPath Technology, a skeleton representation of Dynamic Callgraph that contains abundant insights to detect defects. The innovation was filed for patent. We started getting feedback from initial users that the solution was only finding defects, which was not quite useful without root cause. Seagence went back to drawing board and after more research and development made another break through innovation, this time finding production defects with root cause in real time.

Seagence was built with the belief that we are successful when we remove the burden of debugging from developer’s shoulders.

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