Seagence automatically finds defects in application code and provides you with the root cause for each defect. Defects found by Seagence include hidden defects disguised as success transactions, concurrency defects due to race conditions, data corruption, deadlocks, and misdiagnosed HTTP 500 errors and others.

Seagence Integration with the Datadog UI

When Seagence detects a defect, it automatically posts that defect and its root cause to the Datadog dashboard. This allows Datadog customers to use their existing problem resolution process to work with defects found by Seagence.

Defects and their Root Cause get sent to the Datadog dashboard (Click Image to Expand).

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See how Seagence detects concurrency defects in this video.

Debugging Concurrency Defects is Painful

Intermittently occurring and difficult-to-reproduce multithreading defects can be painful to debug. Seagence detects multithreading defects with root cause in real-time. Try it out yourself here.

Seagance Integration with Custom Datadog Dashboards

If a Datadog customer has built a custom dashboard for a service or an application monitored by Datadog, Seagence defects for this service or application can be easily added to this dashboard. This integration enables defects found by Seagence to be viewed in the context of the infrastructure and application metrics for the application or service.

Seagence detected defects integration into custom dashboards