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Seagence Joins the Datadog Marketplace

DECEMBER 12, 2023
10:00 AM ET
Published by EIN Newswire

 NEW YORK — Seagence, a real time defect detection and resolution platform, announced today a new integration with Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. The integration is now available on the Datadog Integrations page.

Datadog’s unified platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log management, real-user monitoring and many other capabilities to provide real-time observability and security for customers’ technology stacks. Datadog’s Marketplace connects its 25,000+ customers with integrations, professional services and software licenses that allow for greater customization and observability coverage.

Seagence is a Datadog Partner Network (DPN) member with demonstrated success integrating with Datadog’s products in order to help customers evaluate and use their technology productively, across varying levels of scale and complexity.

“We’re excited to partner with Seagence,” said Alex Vetras, Senior Product Manager at Datadog. “Applications written in Java can present challenging issues to debug, including concurrency issues due to multithreading and swallowed exceptions masked in HTTP 200 response codes. Seagence’s integration detects and reports on these issues as events in Datadog, reducing the time it takes to identify and fix critical flows for your customers.”

“We are thrilled to join the Datadog Partner Network and offer our service in the Datadog Marketplace,” said Srinivas Bitla, CEO, Seagence. “Seagence brings its first-of-its-kind, real-time defect detection and resolution capabilities to Datadog users to help them quickly address issues, eliminate the need for debugging and ease the burden for software teams.”

The Seagence product integration is available today. For more information, please visit:

About Partner

Seagence is a leading provider of a real time defect detection and resolution solution that proactively detects known and unknown defects, including ones that existing APM and Observability tools fail to detect, in production applications. Seagence’s ExecutionPath technology is first of its kind that helps detect defects including root cause in real time, before reported by end users, eliminating the need for debugging. Seagence’s scalable solution helps reduce MTTR by more than 90% and is a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. Visit for more information. View the Datadog LinkedIn post.

Srinivas Bitla, CEO at Seagence