Production Monitoring

Seagence is a revolutionary tool that can change how you develop software. It is one of the unique products in the market that delivers realtime defect identification and root cause automation within seconds, helping your team fix code without needing any debugging. This is achieved through our unique Execution Path technology.

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Seagence aims to save you time and money. It proactively identifies the line of code causing issues, allowing you to fix them immediately. You can also automate repetitive tasks, saving you hours every week.

The Process

Attach a tiny java agent
Attach a lightweight runtime java agent when you start your application.

Give Seagence 24 hours
As your users access the application, Seagence agent collects data about how requests are being processed. So give Seagence 24 hours to collect enough sample for Analysis.

Receive alerts when defects occur
The collected data is fed to Seagence’s Analytics engine in realtime which finds defects when they occur and alerts. Know that Seagence unearths all defects in your application including unknown.

Fix broken code
With Seagence provided defect and root cause in hand, you fix your broken code.


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Execution Path Technology

Why Segence?

Seagence is a tool to monitor the quality of your production software application to ensure that your software runs seamlessly at all times.


It eliminates the need for alert rules and thresholds and hence saves a great deal of time as well as eliminating manual debugging.