Realtime Defect Identification and Root Cause Automation. Eliminate Debugging.

Using Seagence’s Execution Path technology combined with machine learning, receive realtime alerts with root cause when defects occur in your production Java applications. Fix your code without debugging.


At best, other tools provide clues.

Seagence eliminates debugging

Identifies defects

Realtime Defect Identification with root cause eliminating the need for debugging. Accurate detection of defects (including hidden and unknown) caused by any thrown exception or error. Try it yourself here.

uncovers all defects
All thrown exceptions

Nails the silent killer

While other error monitoring tools only capture unhandled exceptions, Seagence captures handled, unhandled and swallowed exceptions of every processed HTTP request.

While others only detect abnormalities caused by unhandled exceptions, Seagence detects defects caused by handled, unhandled and swallowed exceptions in realtime.

Removes burden on you

Seagence requires no code change to capture all thrown exceptions. Also to detect defects, no input in the form of alert rules, thresholds and/or suspicious exception configurations is required. We don’t burden you, we remove your burden.

execution paths have insights

Insights from ExecutionPaths

Seagence’s advanced ExecutionPath Technology differentiates successfully executed requests from failed requests and machine learning helps separate them into different groups or clusters allowing Seagence to accurately detect defects in realtime.

Abundance of Intelligence


Seagence is not just an error tracking/monitoring tool and much more than a Production Debugging Tool. Continuously monitoring your production application, Seagence proactively finds defects and their root cause in realtime thus eliminating the need for debugging. Complete debug information is also available if further investigation becomes necessary.

How Seagence Works?

Attach a tiny java agent

Attach a lightweight runtime java agent when you start your application.

Give Seagence 24 hours

As your users access the application, Seagence agent collects data about how requests are being processed. So give Seagence 24 hours to collect enough sample for Analysis.

Receive alerts when defects occur

The collected data is fed to Seagence's Analytics engine in realtime. Post initial 24 hours, Seagence starts realtime analysis which finds defects with root cause when they occur and alerts.

Fix broken code

With Seagence provided defect and root cause in hand, you fix your broken code.


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