Customer Story

How Seagence helped MediSprout in Detecting and Fixing Defects Quickly

With Seagence, MediSprout can easily detect unknown defects and improve end user experience.

  • Seagence quickly and proactively identifies unknown defects.
  • Importantly Seagence can identify defects caused due to multithreading issues.
  • My engineers now spend less time on debugging and more time on adding new features.
  • Seagence is now an integral part of our production monitoring solutions.
Venkata Ramana Venamma

Solution Architect

About the team:

V2MD by MediSprout quickly connects doctors with their own patients using secure two-way video. Easily downloaded onto a smart device or desktop, V2MD promotes continuity of care by keeping doctors and patients better connected between visits, providing an easy way to refill prescriptions, review test results, ask questions or simply check in on a care plan.


Key challenges and pain points:

We are a growing company in healthcare. With growth we have started seeing too many defects in our production application which impacted our end user confidence. The only way we come to know about a defect was when one of our end users report the issues. But most of the times they don’t take the time to report the issues and because of that our end user experience got impacted. We needed to solve this problem.


During debugging and root cause analysis, scanning through giga bytes of log files to find the root cause is another major challenge our developers face. It is a painful job and takes too much of their time.


How Seagence helped address your problems?

We are very happy with the way Seagence is helping us with production monitoring. Within 4 days of Seagence deployment, it identified 7 defects for us. And the important point here is that these defects were not reported by our end users. Seagence helps us proactively. The kind of defects Seagence identified include a multi threading defect related to SimpleDateFormat object, c3p0 connection pooling issue caused due to small pool size (you see our end users were impacted because of a wrong configuration and we did not know that until Seagence was deployed), SQL dead lock issues and couple of other bugs that all were erroring out on customers face.


How are you integrating Seagence with your daily workflow?

Checking Seagence dashboard everyday morning has become one of our support engineer’s daily routine. We look for new defects Seagence identified and overall application performance. Seagence also provides extensive error reporting so we also use it to debug any end user reported issues.