Customer Story

How Seagence helped Guitar Center Reduce MTTR and Improve Code Quality

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  • Seagence provides complete visibility into every exception/error thrown with related context.
  • Seagence helped reduce MTTR, improve customer experience and close many open tickets.
  • Seagence uncovered too many unknown defects with root cause. Surprised to know that our systems had so many defects.
  • Seagence is now an integral part of our production monitoring solutions.
Rajanikanth Rachakatla

Director of Software Engineering

About the team:

Guitar Center is world’s largest music retailer chain head quartered in the United States with 294 physical stores. Our online store ( receives more than 2 M unique monthly visitors. My teams are responsible to ensure that our online store runs seamlessly at all times.


Key challenges and pain points:

Guitar Center being an ecommerce store, end user experience and reliability of the systems is paramount for us. In that quest, I have dedicated teams for production support but teams have difficulty finding production defects and their root cause. Our logs provided limited visibility into the production applications and the tools we deployed did not reveal much details about thrown exceptions. The team had painful time debugging in production which affected team’s productivity. We found we needed a tool that gives clear visibility into production and helps us debugging.


How Seagence helped address your problems?

We actually needed a tool that gives visibility into production application and helps us debug. But we were happy that we found a tool that does much more than that. Seagence not only gives clear visibility into exceptions/errors thrown and the related context, but it also uncovered too many unknown defects with root cause. We did not know that our systems had that many defects and it was an eye opener for us. Never assume that your code is bug free. Production software runs real data and real users, which cannot be replicated in QA for testing.