Seagence + Datadog Integration: Realtime Defect Monitoring Services

Seagence - Defects Overview dashboard


Power your applications with Seagence’s real-time Defect Monitoring solution to detect all functional defects and their root cause and stay on top in your out-of-the-box Datadog dashboards.


Identifying defects and troubleshooting for their root cause is one of the important but painful tasks in software engineering and essential to maintaining good quality software. Developers spend a lot of their quality time to keep their software quality at the highest levels. In that effort, monitoring solutions play an important role to speed up troubleshooting when defects occur. But in situations, when defects are caused by unknown issues or swallowed exceptions or when defects are disguised in HTTP 200 response codes, these monitoring solutions play very little role. To ensure the highest standard of service to users, SRE and Operations teams need Defect Detection tools AKA Defect Monitoring solutions.


Seagence + Datadog

We are excited to join the Datadog Partner Network as a Technology Partner and launch an out-of-the-box integration. With this integration, Seagence will send an error Event to Datadog accounts of our mutual customers when Seagence detects a defect in the application being monitored. Using the out-of-the-box dashboards and monitors, you have complete visibility into the detected defects and root causes to eliminate debugging and troubleshooting. Find out more details about the integration here.


Realtime Defect Detection including Root cause

Using unique ExecutionPath Technology (AKA GPS Tracker for transactions), Seagence detects functional defects and their rootcauses in real-time. The benefits of using Seagence are numerous and include:

  • Records all events and exceptions like caught, uncaught, and swallowed exceptions of every transaction.
  • Detects defects due to any type of exception irrespective of whether the exception is caught, uncaught, or swallowed. Also detects defects due to multithreading issues and defects that disguise in HTTP 200 response codes. Troubleshooting defects due to swallowed exceptions, multithreading issues, and defects that disguise in HTTP 200 response codes is very painful because they leave no trace in the log file. However, Seagence detects such defects using its ExecutionPath technology and by recording all thrown exceptions.
  • Creates clusters of similarly executed transactions or requests. This helps cut through the noise. For example, if an application processes 1 million transactions of an endpoint, it’s possible that 900K of them are similarly executed. Seagence’s ExecutionPath Technology helps group these 900K transactions into a single cluster so that developer can review 1 transaction and immediately come to know how 900K transactions are executed. If the other 100K transactions are also similarly executed but differently from 900K transactions, they will be grouped into another cluster.
  • Requires no code changes by developers. Seagence uses an instrumentation agent so your developers no need to make any code changes.
  • Requires no input knowledge in the form of thresholds and configurations. Many modern monitoring and APM solutions depend on the input provided by the developer in the form of thresholds like alert when exceptions count breaches 10K in 1 hr, and configurations like alert when so and so suspicious exception is raised. But Seagence works out of the box without any of this input knowledge.

Set up the Seagence + Datadog integration

To install this integration you need to be both a Datadog and a Seagence customer. Go to Datadog and follow these instructions to get started. To get started as a Seagence customer, follow these instructions. Once configured and when Seagence detects defects in the application being monitored, Seagence will immediately send the detected defect and root cause in the form of an error Event to your Datadog account.


Share your feedback with us

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact us if you would like additional assistance or have feedback on this integration.