Detect and Fix Code Level Issues in Java Code

Existing APM and Observability tools do not detect and cannot help you fix defects due to concurrency issues, swallowed exceptions, caught exceptions, and defects that are disguised as HTTP 200 success codes in your Java code. Seagence automatically finds defects that other tools miss, and provides you the information needed to fix those defects.

Detect and Fix Concurrency Issues in Java Code
Defects and their Root Cause get sent to the Datadog dashboard (Click Image to Expand).

At best, other tools provide clues.

Seagence eliminates debugging

Detects Concurrency Defects in Code

Realtime Detection of concurrency defects with root cause eliminating the need for debugging. Accurate detection of hidden, known and unknown defects caused by any thrown exception or error. Try it yourself here.

How Seagence Works?

Attach a tiny Java agent

Attach a lightweight runtime Java agent when you start your application.

Let Seagence collect data

As your users access the application, Seagence agent collects data about how requests are being processed and feeds to Seagence's backend engine.

Seagence's Think Time

The only prerequisite for Seagence is, the defect needs to occur approximately 5 times.

Receive alerts when defects occur

When the prerequisite is met, Seagence will start detecting every occurrence of the defect with root cause from the 6th occurrence onward in real time and alerts.

Fix broken code

With Seagence provided defect and root cause in hand, you fix your broken code.

Nails Multithreading Issues and Swallowed Exceptions

While other error monitoring tools only capture unhandled exceptions, Seagence captures concurrency issues, multithreading issues, as well as handled, unhandled and swallowed exceptions of every processed HTTP request.

While others only detect abnormalities caused by unhandled exceptions, Seagence detects defects caused by handled, unhandled and swallowed exceptions in realtime.

Do you know defects can disguise in a proper 200 HTTP response code? This happens when the root cause exception is swallowed and application sends a 200. Seagence exposes them with root cause.

Removes burden on you

Seagence requires no code change to capture all thrown exceptions. Also to detect defects, no input in the form of alert rules, thresholds and/or suspicious exception configurations is required. We don’t burden you, we remove your burden.

execution paths have insights

Insights from ExecutionPaths

Seagence’s revolutionary ExecutionPath Technology collects ExecutionPath for each transaction. These ExecutionPaths have insights to differentiate successfully executed requests from failed requests and machine learning helps separate them into different groups or clusters allowing Seagence to accurately detect defects in realtime.

Abundance of Intelligence


Seagence is not just an error tracking/monitoring tool and is much more than a Production Debugging Tool. Continuously monitoring your production application, Seagence proactively finds defects and their root cause in realtime thus eliminating the need for debugging. Complete debug information is also available if further investigation becomes necessary.

No Debugging

Receive alerts with root cause when your code breaks. Save engineer’s time from the hassle of troubleshooting.

No Logging

No longer need to scan through tons of log files.

Faster Turnaround time

Improve code quality and reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) a defect by 90%.

Install seagence and sit tight, seagence will do the rest.

Accelerating Your Turnaround Time

Eliminate debugging

Why Choose Us?

With Seagence, your engineers no longer need to perform Root Cause Analysis. Failure and root cause are readily available. Engineer reviews the root causes provided in the alert and goes about fixing the code. Saved time will be spent on other productive work.

New approach to production monitoring

With first of its kind technology, Seagence proactively finds production defects with root cause in real time. With defect and root cause detection taken off your shoulders your job is only to fix the code.

Seamless Integration

No code change is required. Just attach Seagence's agent and get things moving. Seagence records and indexes all transactions, exceptions (caught, uncaught and swallowed) and errors so you miss nothing when you want to investigate.

Improved Customer Experience

Seagence detects defects including unknown defects in your application giving you the ability to proactively fix them before your end users experience the trouble.


Trusted by development teams

Real time Monitoring in Production Environment


Realtime defect detection

Receive alerts with root cause when defects occur in production with complete debug information.

Automated root cause

Root cause includes the exception stacktrace causing the defect, HTTP URL of the endpoint failing, Steps to reproduce and GET/POST data submitted that lead to the defect.

Say no to alert rules and thresholds

Seagence proactively finds every defect with root cause without any input from engineers in the form of alert rules, thresholds or suspicious exception configurations.

No code change is required

Seagence requires no code change and records all exceptions/errors including caught, uncaught, swallowed and gracefully handled. All details and context related to every request processed is available for further debugging if needed.

Steps to reproduce

Access to sequence of invocations (HTTP URLs and complete information for every request) by the end user leading to the failure. This information is helpful in testing the code fix.

Graphical Dashboard

Access all HTTP requests that were processsed by the application. Provides an easy to use interface using which you can filter/search the request you are looking for. Requests are grouped by HTTP URL and failures are color coded in red.

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