Seagence helps you fix bugs and understand your code by instantly collecting application state from any line of code in live applications.


For Developers

Helping developers deliver high-quality software. Get complete visibility, in real-time, so you can respond to errors right away before your users notice.



Seagence is a developer tool that automates defect and rootcause identificaion in production environments.

Seagence completely automates defect and rootcause identificaion. Engineer on receiving real time alert, realizes that something went wrong in production, reviews the root cause provided in the alert and goes about fixing the code. Seagence completely eliminates treditional troubleshooting techniques.

Log Management/Error Tracking tools aggregate and index exceptions for easy searching. This will become handy when troubleshooting defect.

Currently Seagence is available for JVM based languages. Agents for other programming languages will be available soon.

Seagence captures all thrown exceptions.

The Dashboard


You will find all HTTP requests that were processsed. Dashboard provides an easy to use interface using which you can filter/search the request you are looking for. Requests are grouped by HTTP URL. Failures are color coded in red.

In the Clusters tab you will find invocations grouped by their similarity in execution. Again red clusters mean defects.

Settings and Configurations


Log in to SeagenceWeb and select Settings tab.